CCHK to Reprise “The Piano Trios of Robert Schumann”

The CCHK is pleased to reprise “The Piano Trios of Robert Schumann,” featuring Professor Xak Bjerken’s trio, the Taliesin Trio, which was previously given as part of our salon series at the A. D. White House. This special Mother’s Day event will take place on Sunday, May 8 at the Ithaca Waldorf School.

The CCHK Salon Series Continues through Spring 2022

The CCHK is excited to continue our new Friday evening Salon series as we segue into the sunnier side of spring, with an interactive performance featuring the Center’s artist-in-residence, Mike Lee, on March 25, and Professor Xak Bjerken’s piano trio, Taliesin Trio, on April 1.

play | pen

Cornell ReSounds Hosts play | pen

On February 4–5, the CCHK’s partner organization, Cornell ReSounds, presented play | pen, a two-day virtual symposium concentrating on connections between past musical inventions and new media designs, thus fortifying Cornell as a hub for the collaborative performance on instruments old and new.


Fall 2021 Piano Video Highlights

As a denouement to the semester, we are happy to share two beautifully produced videos: excerpts from Mike Lee’s program, “Bach’s Piano,” on September 24, and a set of highlights from the end-of-semester gala concert on December 10. Both videos display the breadth and depth of the CCHK’s collections as well as the rich musicianship exhibited by Cornell keyboard faculty and students. Enjoy!

New Web Content from Future Imperfect: Brahms and the Passage of Time

As a teaser for the final events of Future Imperfect: Brahms and the Passage of Time – a performance of variations on Friday, November 12 and the Op. 8 Piano Trio on Saturday, November 13 – we are delighted to upload new web content based on two events from earlier in the series: a roundtable with Jacquelyn Sholes and a performance by Malcolm Bilson.