Cornell Center for Historical Keyboards fosters original and imaginative approaches to the performance and study of keyboard instruments, their technological underpinnings, their intersections with other arts, and their participation in the global currents of cultural and social history.

Music as Refuge

Beethoven and Pianos

Off the Beaten Path

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Michael Plagerman
Walcker, Willis, and Cavaillé-Coll: “…for the performance of a melody.” Organ Works by Arthur Foote, Brahms, Franck, and Parry.

Developing a Contemporary Performance Practice

richard valitutto

DMA candidate Richard Valitutto documents his ongoing work into the music, performance practice, and personality of Julius Eastman.


ONEcomposer: Highlighting the Life and Work of Florence Price

By Stephen Spinelli. Much of my 2018-19 academic year was spent preparing for a residency at the Museum of African American History on Nantucket Island with the Cornell Chamber Singers. Nantucket’s Quaker roots brought about an early abolitionist culture, drawing Frederick Douglass to the island in 1841 for his first

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1857 Streicher Piano Arrives

The newest addition to our instrument collection is an 1857 J. B. Streicher Opus 5294—with Viennese action—generously gifted by Alan Bostrom, a retired statistician and an accomplished amateur musician. The piano was restored by the musicologist and restorer Edward Swenson (PhD Cornell ’74), in nearby Trumansburg between 1998-99, who found

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