Fall 2020

Beethoven and Pianos:

Off the Beaten Path

Fall 2020

Music as Refuge
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Roundtable with Tom Beghin and Cornell students and faculty about Beghin's Beethoven Erard project
October 23
Annette Richards plays organ works by Buxtehude, Frescobaldi, Mozart, Krebs, and J. S. Bach
October 21
Up next
October 30

Thomas Feng performs piano works by Mark Carlson, Michael Finnissy, Reiko Füting, and Juri Seo

November 4

Michael Plagerman performs organ works by Reger, Widor, and John Knowles Paine


Off the Beaten Path with Beethoven

Launching on October 2nd, Beethoven and Pianos: Off the Beaten Path is a series of online events throughout Fall 2020 that take stock of Beethoven’s 250th anniversary. The series traces two paths: in one direction, exploring lesser-known pianos associated with Beethoven (and represented in Cornell’s collection); in the other, hearing contemporary responses to this monumental historical figure and his music.

Silbermann Piano Arrives in Ithaca (UPDATE: Demonstration by Malcolm Bilson)

The replica built by Paul McNulty is Malcolm Bilson’s latest acquisition and the earliest piano model at Cornell. The piano is Gottfried Silbermann’s take on Bartolomeo Cristofori’s mechanism. It is double-strung throughout and features hand-operated damper, una corda, and “harpsichord” stops.


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