Future Imperfect:
Brahms and the Passage of Time

The Cornell Center for Historical Keyboards and its affiliated faculty and students present a month-long series, Future Imperfect: Brahms and the Passage of Time. We open with a complete performance of the original 1854 version of Brahms’s Op. 8 Piano Trio, featuring Cornell faculty and our newly-acquired 1857 J. B. Streicher piano (with Viennese action). The series places this piano—which is closely related to the one Brahms kept in his apartment from the 1860s until his death—in dialogue with other instruments from our historical keyboard collection that together provide a holistic picture of Brahms’s pianistic thought.

The series continues with short solo performances, lecture-demonstrations, and two panel discussions: one on historical recordings by members of the Brahms-Schumann circle, the other featuring guest panelist and renowned Brahms scholar Jacquelyn Sholes (University of Rochester). A complete performance of the revised 1889 version of the Op. 8 Piano Trio—with guest artists Miriam Fried on violin and Clancy Newman on cello—bookends the series.

With support from the Central New York Humanities Corridor, from an award by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.