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Midday Music for Organ Series

New videos go live every other Wednesday at 12:30pm and remain available for on-demand viewing until further notice.

Spring 2021 schedule

(Subject to change)

February 10: David Yearsley (Cornell Baroque Organ): “Handel’s Feet.” Including arrangements of Handel’s Chandos Anthem no. 9 and music from Theodora and Messiah.

February 24: Michael Plagerman (French Romantic Organ, St. Luke Lutheran Church): “Walcker, Willis, and Cavaillé-Coll: ‘…for the performance of a melody.’” Music by Arthur Foote, Brahms, Franck, and Parry.

March 10: David Yearsley (Cornell Baroque Organ): “Man Versus Machine:  Three Pieces for Musical Clock.” Music by Haydn, Beethoven, and Mozart.

March 24: Anna Steppler (Cornell Baroque Organ): “Chromatic Fantasy.” A program for Lent, with music by Sweelinck, Scheidt and Praetorius.

April 7: Annette Richards (Italian Baroque Organ): “The Woods so Wild”: Music from early 17th-century Northern Europe, from Byrd, to Frescobaldi, and Sweelinck.

April 28: Annette Richards (Cornell Baroque Organ): “Great Artist, Great Teacher.” Music by Sweelinck (the monumental Ricercar) and his students, including Schildt and Scheidemann.